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fourmis pharaons

Very small, pale yellow with black marks on the abdomen; approxymately 1.5 to 3mm in length.

The colonies can be very large, with up to several million workers and thousands of queens.

The Pharaoh ant, originally from Africa, does not hibernate, therefore it depends on artificial heat sources to survive during colder months.

Common infested areas are food stores, restaurants, hospitals, townhouses and apartment buildings.

They most often make their nests in walls or in the bottom of cardboard containers, (even sealed), that haven’t been moved for 2,3 weeks or more, such as wax paper, aluminum foil, saran wrap, cereal, hot chocolate, boxes, or even between layers of clothes, in video cassettes, computers, radios etc.

Pharaoh ants will also nest and feed outdoors during summer, entering and making nests in neighboring houses.

The most common sources of new infestations are from infected articles brought home or from an infested apartment or townhouse amongst other apartments or townhouses.

Feeding habits
Pharaoh ants will mostly feed on fats and sugars but also on other insects.

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